lectures and training

Bond issue - benefits, risks, process.

The bond issue process will be discussed based on several years of experience of an independent entity. We will start by discussing the advantages, disadvantages and dangers of issuing bonds that you will not learn about from the issue organizers. Next, we will present a safe way, from the issuer's point of view, to conduct the issue. We will answer, among others, the questions: Should I issue bonds or maybe shares? Bank loan or bonds? What are the critical factors that influence the decision to issue? How is the issue process step by step? Is it worth to list bonds, e.g. on Catalyst? Is it worth issuing collateral bonds? How is the bond collateral valued? What are the risks associated with issuing bonds and when should they not be issued? What are the costs of emissions?

Firearms use

We conduct training in the use of central ignition firearms (pistol, rifle) and smoothbore weapons (shotgun).

bond issue