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Audits of financial statements

BTFG Audit performs audits and reviews of separate and consolidated financial statements prepared in accordance with the Polish Accounting Act from September 29, 1994, as well as the International Financial Reporting Standards.

We perform audits and reviews in accordance with Polish and International financial auditing standards. Our employees possess all necessary qualifications and experience, amongst others in the audit of financial services companies, primarily asset management companies, including mutual funds.

BTFG Audit sp. z o.o. is listed as an entity entitled to perform audits of financial statements under the number 3105.

BTFG Audit sp. z o.o. performs financial audits of public interest entities. In accordance to art. 88 pkt 1) of the Act of 7 May 2009 on independent auditors and their self-governing body, entities entitled to audit financial statements and public supervision, the Company presents its Statement of Transparency for the years: