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Social responsibility

Ryszard Horowitz Vernissage

BTFG Group in professing the ideals of corporate social responsibility became one of the sponsors of a special vernissage of Ryszard Horowitz’s photo exhibition which will precede the bestowment of the artist with the Doctor Honoris Causa degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw.

Ryszard Horowitz was born in Krakow on May 5, 1939. Four months later Poland was under the occupation of Nazi Germany, the entire family was arrested and confined in various concentration camps. After a miraculous survival they returned to Krakow at the end of the war as one of the few remaining Jewish families. Ryszard Horowitz is amongst the youngest survivors of Auschwitz.

In November 1967 he opened his own photography studio which he runs till this day. Photography became his life passion and the foundation of his professional career. During the next forty years his works had been exhibited, published, and collected around the world. Ryszard Horowitz has received all of the most imp ortant awards and distinctions a photographer could earn.

Ranking of the most valuable Polish brands of the "Rzeczpospolita" daily

BTFG Advisory was a content partner at the fourteenth edition of the ranking of the most valuable Polish brands. We have calculated the value of brands based on the financial data presented.

The calculation of brand values requires the adoption of many assumptions that, firstly, introduce the standardization element and, secondly, allow to calculate the brand value based on a limited number of data.

We used the royalty relief method to calculate the value of the brand. This method consists in determining the license fee that could be charged by the owner if he decided to give the rights to use the given brand to another entity. (It is determined in relation to net sales revenues.

The potential income obtained from this was discounted (their current value was calculated), using the average cost of capital and growth rate, which corresponds to the Gordon model, known from the valuation of listed companies.

BTFG Expedition on Mount Everest 8.848 M ASL.

We take up the challenge, which is why we appeared on the highest peak of the earth - Mount Everest.

BTFG was the organizer of expeditions to many peaks on all continents, including the highest ones. We undertake difficult tasks, it is our motto that we profess and convert into deeds.


In response to the social need to initiate and support activities aimed at the development of the financial market, BTFG Advisory founded the Think about bonds foundation.

Foundation's goal

  • acting for the dissemination and promotion of knowledge about the bond market,
  • supporting and promoting the financial market in Poland, including the bond market,
  • promoting scientific initiatives related to the development of the bond market,
  • focusing on representatives of economic life around the idea of the Foundation.


The Founder of the Think for Bonds Foundation is BTFG Advisory sp. o.o.