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Adam Ruciński

Adam Ruciński, CEO

BTFG Advisory

- Statutory Auditor No. 10428,
- Investment Adviser No. 122,
- listed as an expert witness on accounting,
- listed as an expert witness on capital markets.

He performed, among others the following functions:
- investment fund manager, 
- investment adviser,
- a member of the Supervisory Board for the Warsaw Stock Exchange where he held the position of chairman of the Audit Committee,
- Chairman of the Investment Committee of the National Capital Fund,
- Advisory Committee of the NewConnect market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange,
- President of the Polish Association of Brokers and Investment Advisers.

- a holder of a Private Pilot License PPL(A), IR(A),
- diving license AOWD,
- a member of the Polish Sports Shooting Association,
- a member of the Polish Mountaineering Association,

In 2016 reached the summit of Mount Everest.